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2 Year Guarentee


This contract is between ____________ (seller) and_______(buyer).

The agreement between the buyer and seller is in regards to the following dog:

BREED_________ DATE OF BIRTH:_______________ SEX:______

SIRE:__________________ DAM:__________________________


The seller guarantees this puppy to be free of Parvo, Distemper, Coronavirus and Parainfluenza at the time of purchase. No vet expenses will be reimbursed by the seller for any treatment of ear infections, parasites or internal infections. If found to be unhealthy, unfit or unsound within (3) days, the puppy will be replaced by another puppy of comparable value when available. Under no circumstance may the buyer return the puppy for a refund. This does not cover buyers remorse.


Seller guarantees the puppy/dog against any inheritable/genetic defects for two (2) year from date of birth. Seller makes no guarantee regarding loss of the puppy/dog due to accidental death, theft, sickness, etc., or any other loss beyond sellers control. If the puppy/dog develops any inheritable/genetic defect within twenty-four (24) months from the date of birth, buyer may return the puppy/dog to seller for a replacement puppy of equal value. Seller will provide replacement puppy when available from next litter. All shipping expenses to be paid by the buyer. Any diagnosis of hip dysplasia must be substantiated by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). 

Buyer may elect to keep the puppy/dog, in which case, under no conditions and at no time during the life of the puppy/dog will seller pay or assist in paying veterinary expenses, including any such expenses directly or indirectly related to any inheritable/genetic defects.

Buyer must send seller a picture of the above mentioned dog between the ages of 8 months and 1 year. This is to ensure the health of the dog is being maintained. Pictures can be sent via email, text or US mail.



The following must be true in order for a puppy to be replaced.

a. All shots are and have been kept current.

b. Puppy has had a negative fecal within thirty (30) days.

c. Puppy has had a negative heartworm test within thirty (30) days and has been kept on heartworm preventative if applicable.

d. Puppy appears to be healthy and well cared for.

e. This dog is sold as a pet only. Spay/neuter is required within 6 months of birth.

Seller has the right to have a second veterinarian evaluate the puppy before the warranty will be honored.

This guarantee is non-transferable. Should Buyer relinquish ownership in the puppy/dog, for any reason, guarantee shall be deemed null and void.