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Doodle Facts

Doodle Facts 


A Goldendoodle is a golden retriever and poodle cross. Goldendoodles have been bred in North America and Australia since the mid-1990's. The hybrid cross between these two parent breeds are terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.

The physical appearance of the goldendoodle will be anywhere from a shaggy-looking retriever to a curl-relaxed poodle, but usually it falls somewhere in between. The length when left unclipped grows to about 4-8 inches. The color of the coat can be cream, gold, apricot, chocolate, gray and black.

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Miniature goldendoodles range in size from 25-35 pounds.

Medium goldendoodles range in size from 45-50 pounds.

Standard goldendoodles range in size from 55-90 pounds.

The height of your goldendoodle will depend on the poodle used. Most Standard goldendoodles are approximately 21-28 inches tall. Miniature and small goldendoodles can range from 13-20 inches tall. These sizes are approximate and no breeder can predict an exact weight and height. Experienced breeders who have repeated breedings should be confident giving out estimates but again there is no guarantee on the height or weight as an adult.

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The first generation Goldendoodle (F1) generally don't shed or shed very lightly. This generation is compatible with families suffering with mild allergies.

The backcross Goldendoodle (F1b) is produced by crossing a goldendoodle with a poodle. These dogs will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

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Goldendoodles are an intelligent and obedient family companion. They are generally easygoing and friendly towards people and other animals. They are social dogs, happiest when with people.

Goldendoodles are likely to develop behavior problems if they spend most of their lives alone. Their intelligence, eagerness to please, and love of learning make them very easy to train.

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Goldendoodles fur is retriever-like or poodle-like, but usually something in-between. Unclipped Goldendoodles will have hair about 4-7 inches long, shorter on the face and longer on the body, tail and legs. They require regular brushing, especially when they get wet. Goldendoodles should be groomed every 8-12 weeks to keep a clean clipped look.