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Selecting your puppy: Deposits are accepted on puppies when the litter is announced. Deposits can be made through paypal, check or cash. All picks are done in the order deposits are recieved. Puppies are selected in person at 6 weeks old unless you choose to select from the posted pictures.  No puppy will be held without a deposit.

 Breeding: All puppies are sold as pets, spay/neuter is required by 6-8 months of age. On occasion I will allow a puppy to be sold to a breeding home for an additional charge. This MUST be discussed prior to placing a deposit to ensure all parties have the correct information and are in agreement. Puppies may be spayed or neutered before leaving. If this is done you will be informed and given any information needed prior to taking your puppy home. 

Pictures: It is very difficult to take pictures of active puppies. I will do my best to post pictures once a week of the group and pictures of individual puppies when possible.    

Crate: I recommend crate training your new puppy. This allows him/her to stay safe when you cannot be with them. This also allows your home to be protected from chewing. Crates should be large enough for your puppy to walk around in but small enough for him/her to feel safe and secure. I like the medium or intermediate size.

Supplies: Hard nylon bones, soft plush toys, tennis balls & puppy treats are some things to pick up at your first visit to the pet store. It is best to wait until you take your puppy with you to buy collars and leashes to ensure a proper fit.

Paperwork: You will be given a folder with your puppies shot record, including when he/she is due for their next set. Also included will be when your puppy was wormed and any other information found upon examination by the vet.  

Shipping: Available to most US cities.  Cost is approximately $375.  This includes crate, health certificate and flight.